November 5, 2010

I say yes, I say no, I just say what do you want to know

I had no choice but to laugh the other day. I was listening to the news on the car radio and the announcer commented on statements made by the newly appointed Minister of Labour Valeriano Gómez. He said, without blushing, that if he went to the demonstration called by the unions on 29 S in connection with the general strike, he did not agree because of the strike but he was to show solidarity with trade unions in a very difficult time for them. Perhaps unknowingly, the Minister Gomez has started a new journey in the art of equidistance, as Spanish-language genre that is so well illustrated in these "swim and eat," "hit and hide the hand" or " be both ways”. Thus, from now we can go to any representation or, by extension, any act that may arise, regardless of the cause of the call because we can justify our presence with the first reason that comes to mind: passing by here, I liked the color of the flags, the children were in class for flute and had nothing to do, had eaten too much and went for a walk, etc.
Without taking his merit Mr. Valeriano Gómez, no doubt, is light years ahead of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. Our president has just said in the last European meeting, which is necessary to increase the productivity of the Spanish economy to improve its competitiveness. Well. Put this way, it seems one of those great truths that no one can dispute. Everyone could agree. The downside of this axiom is that increasing productivity and improving competitiveness would generate a significant increase in unemployment. Achieving such a prodigy, also require an enormous amount of investment that Spain can not make today. Nor can in many years. Conclusion: another toast to the sun of our president, that looks handsome in the photo and says that he cares about the Spanish economy but can not really do anything about it, because no money, and has to continue and follow the guidelines that will mark the European and international economic institutions.
Our politicians are more handsome silent.
Grettings from barcelona.

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Lakacerola said...

Good, very good, but I prefer the spanish version. Only because I understand it better.